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All of Oleís Giclee works are a limited edition of 20, and are printed on canvas and stretched on an artistís frame and may be hung without a picture frame or glass.


Well Used


* NEW * February 2008

These boots belonged to Greg Olin, the artist's son, who worked in the woods on his father's survey crew in the summer and on weekends during the school year. From the condition of the boots, you can tell that their owner was just learning to use an axe or machete. Every member of the survey crew has to learn to use the tools of the trade.  In time, Greg mastered the art of using the axe and the machete, but eventually, retired the boots.  The painting was completed in 1968.

16 X 20"



The Tree Bridge


* NEW * April 2007

The Tree Bridge is located on Pacific Creek in the Fall Creek Watershed, Lane County, Oregon.

This is a foolish way to take a short cut across a canyon.

24 X 30"


Blue Jeans


On a hot summer day, this survey crew member finds relief from the heat during her lunch break on Portland Creek.

24 X 36"




Tall Tree




The Big Tree depicts the scale of an old growth Douglas Fir in relation to the man located in the bottom left corner of the painting. The trees diameter is 72" inside the bark, with seven 33' logs, which would make it 231' tall, with an average 8" taper per log. The age of a Douglas Fir of this size would range from 360 to 400 years old and contain a gross volume of 19,080 board feet. It is set atop the Coburg hills looking south across the Willamette Valley with Spencer Butte in the background.

The original was painted on a 4' x 8' board of plywood and is now owned by George Ybanez of Shiloh Forestry, in Eugene, Oregon

18 X 36"


Loading Pot


Loading pots, which were more portable than a donkey yarder, were used in the 1950's to load medium to small logs onto a logging truck. The one depicted here was left in the area after loading logs in the Coburg hills near Springfield, Oregon.

14 X 18"                  


Three Boards High


The spring board notches in this stump, located south of Eugene, in the Lorane Valley, is evidence of logging in the early 1900's

11 X 14"


The Trail


Ole was conducting road surveys in an area around Hidden lake, on the McKenzie River, which was the inspiration for this painting, that the artist composed from memory.

12 X 15"                   


Second Growth


This beautiful stand of young timber was inspired by a stand of second growth west of Eugene, in the Siuslaw River drainage.

18 X 24"                  


The Homestead



* NEW * January 2008


Ole's dad built this cabin near Chinook, WA in the early 1900's.


It was a 160 acre timber claim, but you had to prove up on the claim and build a house, which Ole's father did, and he lived there while logging the property.


Someone is standing in the doorway. The split rail pen attached to the house was a playpen for the children according to the oldest sister.


15 X 20"




Conk Artist


The model for this painting was Willie Starkovich, who was a fire control officer for the Willamette National Forest in Lane County Oregon, for many years.

16 X 20"

What is a Giclee Print?

It is a printing process using special light-fast inks and a spraying technique similar to an inkjet printer except on a much larger scale and with finer detail producing an art work almost indistinguishable from the original.  The archival quality, if placed away from direct sunlight, will retain its color purity for over 75 years, which far exceeds a normal art print.

Because of the lifelike printing process your guests may be tempted to touch the work. This should not be a problem as Ole covers each one by hand with two layers of varnish to protect your investment.

Ah yes, you ask what is the correct pronunciation of this fancy new process? It is Z-CLAY.


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